Youth Pastor Lounge

This is a space created specifically for you to relax and enjoy some focused time in the Word in the midst of a busy camp week. Feel free to grab a cup of coffee and take advantage of some built-in time for sermon preparation.

Get the door passcode from your lead staffer (point of contact) or the main office.

 Share Groups

When you bring your students to Snowbird, we want to create a partnership between SWO and your church in the discipleship of your students. One way we seek to achieve that is through nightly share groups. This is a time set aside for your group to reflect on the services, breakout sessions and recreation. Share groups can operate in multiple ways and the decision is completely up to the student pastor. Many groups choose to meet as a youth group, others split up guys and girls to meet with lead chaperones, other times youth pastors will relinquish share group time to the SWO staff, splitting the students into small gender-specific groups to talk through sermons and truths of Scripture. No matter the method, share groups are proven to be an effective tool for ministry during your group’s time at SWO, enabling Snowbird’s staff further to build relationships with your students and point them to the Gospel.

 Staff Interest Meeting

Summer Staff | Servant Team | SWO Institute

Interested in working on SWO staff in the future? Come visit our Friday meeting in the Check-in Building at North Campus. We’ll meet right after the morning service and share some of the details behind our Summer Staff and Servant Team programs. This is a no-pressure intro to serving at Snowbird. We’d love to meet you even if you just want to grab some info for a friend.

Jake Schwarting will be leading the meeting. Shoot him a message if you have any questions that come up later on: jakes(at)

P.S. – We’ve got some exciting news to share about the SWO Institute program as well. (It’s related to earning more credit hours at more universities.)