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25-Day Advent Bible Study | The Things Concerning Himself

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25-Day Advent Bible Study

Thanks for visiting our 25-Day Advent Bible Study! Every day, December 1-25, you’ll be able to read or listen to our daily study written by Zach Mabry — The Things Concerning Himself. Click the link below to sign up for daily Advent emails (or just the PDF book) from Snowbird, December 1-25, 2023.

In Luke 24:27, Jesus used the Old Testament to explain his true identity as the Messiah:

“And beginning with Moses and all the Prophets, he interpreted to them in all the Scriptures the things concerning himself.”

So, in The Things Concerning Himself, Zach Mabry spends the first 20 days guiding us through key sections of the Old Testament that point to the coming Christ. We will be going from Genesis to Malachi, looking at how God was preparing the world for the coming of Jesus. We will follow a lot of twisted paths (and twisted people) to see that God is totally gracious and sovereign over all of the affairs of men.

We are excited that you are going through this journey with us. This guide could also provide you with something you could walk through with your family or small group. Our desire through this is that you will be able to stand back and marvel at God’s grace and sovereignty, and focus on God in this season and that we will all join with the angels singing, “Glory to God in the highest…” (Luke 2:14).

25 Daily Advent Sections

Introduction – The Things Concerning Himself (Read this intro for a helpful preview of the daily study.)

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