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LMNT High School Team

What is the LMNT Program?

Leadership | Mentorship | Next-Gen | Training

LMNT develops next-generation leaders through a Gospel-driven mentorship and training process.

The 10-Week LMNT summer high school program is intentionally designed to help young Christians grow in their faith, apply Scripture in every area of life, and lead others to do the same. Our LMNT team equips the Church by training high schoolers to be effective leaders—now and for the rest of their lives. LMNT students take part in a full summer of intentional mentorship and on-the-job ministry training during our Summer Camp program.

2025 LMNT Dates — June & July

The LMNT program runs the full length of our 10-week summer camp, from the end of May to the first week in August (specific dates TBD). Students will spend their first couple of weeks undergoing key sections of our leadership training and recreation training, and supporting the Summer Camp ministry. After that, groups of LMNT students will rotate in and out of ministry support, recreation assignments, and share group roles.

Lmnt leadership


Every Christian is called to lead others—even if we aren’t naturally gifted with the skill of leadership (according to the world’s standards).

Scripture teaches that everything about our lives reflects our Creator. The Holy Spirit has equipped each of us to serve and lead in ways that honor others and glorify Christ. Our LMNT leadership team is focused on showing our high school team how to take on new responsibilities with a passion to learn and grow. Then, they will be ready to lead others with that same humility and eagerness to serve.

Lmnt mentorship


Paul told the church at Corinth to “be imitators of me, as I am of Christ” (1 Corinthians 11:1). Snowbird (SWO) was founded on this principal of relational discipleship. Every great leader needs mentors invested in their growth. So, we’ve built a network of mentoring relationships into LMNT:

  1. One-on-one discipleship from the LMNT leaders
  2. Group Bible studies and teaching sessions with the Snowbird leadership team
  3. Support our summer recreation with on-site guidance from our year-round rec team
  4. Serve in our kitchen, maintenance, and grounds departments guided by full-time SWO staff
  5. Facilitate Share Groups by supporting an older, trained Summer Staffer
Lmnt next-gen


Students in the LMNT program will be prepared to serve as the next-generation of ministry leaders, business leaders, and Snowbird staff. The LMNT mentorship model enables students to apply the spiritual truths and leadership skills they are learning every day. There is no better way to learn by teaching others, and that is how discipleship happens within the LMNT team.

Lmnt training


LMNT takes a holistic approach to discipleship of high schoolers on our team. It’s not just a summer Bible study. It’s not just practical ministry support. It’s not just a fun camp experience.

Here a few things our LMNT students get trained in:

  • Personal discipleship
  • Ministry experience
  • High-adventure recreation training

LMNT Leadership Team

Nikki smith

Nikki Smith

David thompson headshot

David Thompson

Morgan fridley

Morgan Fridley

Nikki Smith

Girls LMNT Leader

Nikki Smith, a native of Middleburg, Florida, began serving on Summer Staff in 2007 while working as a teacher and coach in Florida’s Clay County School System. A 2006 graduate of the University of Maryland, she came on full-time in August 2010. As recreation director, Nikki oversees recreation training and equipment as well as directs the girls LMNT program during the summer. She serves as a small group leader for year-round camps and retreats and is active in local ministry in Andrews.

David Thompson

Guys LMNT Leader

David Thompson is originally from Statesville, NC. He is currently pursuing a B.A. in Religious Studies from Southern Evangelical Seminary. Before working at SWO, David interned for a year at South River Baptist Church. David was no stranger to Snowbird before working here. He came as a student and chaperone for summer camp from 2016-2018 and 2020. Snowbird was the obvious option for spiritual and theological growth, personal discipleship and practical ministry experience. He first served at Snowbird in 2019 in the Servant Team (now LMNT) program and on Summer Staff in 2021. From there, he joined the Snowbird Institute and now serves as a ministry partnership coordinator and manages our LMNT program for high school students. Like the rest of our staff team, David loves serving the Lord and advancing the Gospel to the glory of God.

Morgan Fridley

LMNT Assistant

Morgan began serving on Summer Staff in 2019 and hasn’t looked back. She spent two summers attending as a student with her church and went all-in with SWO after that. Since then, she’s led the way in some key areas as both a summer staffer and SWO Institute student. Morgan currently assists Nikki Smith in the recreation department and is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Sports & Health Sciences from American Public University. You’ve probably seen her shuttling ropes course gear across campus while investing in other staffers and campers—simultaneously.

Quotes from rEcent LMNT Students

Learn to Walk in Christian Community

“Serving on LMNT taught me how to pursue the Lord and others faithfully, how to walk in Christian community, and how to get past surface-level Christianity.”

Anna Kay

Develop Better Prayer & Bible Reading Habits

“Serving on the LMNT team had a tremendous impact on my faith journey by allowing me to be surrounded by other firm believers for a whole summer. It taught me good habits such as daily Bible reading and prayer that I can take home and apply for the rest of my life.”


Build Friendships & Accountability

“I came back from the summer with not just a “camp high” but a desire to continue to remain faithful, which came from getting up early and being in the Word with one another, to staying up late and having genuine conversations. I’ve gained not only friendships but accountability, the guys that were on LMNT team I truly see as family now and I’m so thankful for that.”


Get the FAQs

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the exposition of Scripture and personal relationships in order to equip the Church to impact this generation. This Gospel-driven mission is what every one of our retreats is focused on.

Learn about our history and mission, or jump into our published resources and session recordings to get a sample of the teaching at SWO.

Who can apply for the LMNT Team?

The LMNT leadership program is for High School students. Anyone who has just finished their 9th grade (freshman) year, up to their 12th grade (senior) year, can apply.

In our selection process, we are looking for students that are pursuing hard after Christ. One of our goals for the LMNT program is to equip students to return the following year to serve on summer staff. It’s a great tool the Lord can use in your life. It’s a joy to hire students that we have received a previous year’s application, seeing how the Lord has matured you in the year’s time… that’s what we are after.

Where will we be staying?

The LMNT boys stay together in a staff cabin. There will be 1 or 2 summer staff staying with you in your room too. The girls are divided among the summer staff girls’ rooms.

What costs are associated with LMNT?

There is no cost to come for joining the LMNT. SWO will provide your lodging and meals Monday evening through Saturday morning. Students are responsible for any travel and weekend expenses.

What if I have to miss a few weeks? Should I still apply?

Yes! We regularly accept students that have scheduling issues. We understand some students have previous commitments that are unflexible. We normally have a few students that have school end late or start early. We do expect you to be here for the full commitment of 10 weeks whenever possible. Please inform us of any scheduling issues in your application.

What about weekends?

When the week of camp is over, it is time to rest. This is a huge opportunity for LMNT students to build deeper relationships with the other staff. SWO does require a parental consent form to be signed indicating who the LMNT student is allowed to ride with. We do not allow LMNT members to drive. We have found this aids in fostering relationships with Summer Staffers. The staff are aware of this rule and jump at the opportunity to hang out with the LMNT team. During the weekend there is no specific oversight over the LMNT students, but we will have a trained staff member with dedicated access to LMNT Medical files for any emergency.

Can I work on the LMNT Team more than one year?

Yes, LMNT students can serve more than one summer.  Accepted high schoolers can volunteer for one term, but one of the main goals of the LMNT is to prepare students for Summer Staff.  After volunteering one summer on LMNT students may then apply to serve on Summer Staff, depending on their qualifications and age.

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters exists to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the exposition of Scripture and personal relationships in order to equip the Church to impact this generation.

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