The SWO staff is a community of believers committed to equipping local churches through expositional teaching and Gospel-driven discipleship.

Through our summer and year-round staff, Snowbird is able to impact thousands of students, adults and families each year. From partnering with student pastors, leading student small groups, working recreation, serving meals, and participating in worship services and camp activities, God uses all types of gifts and skills for His glory.

Summer Staff application closes in February, 2024.

Summer Staff   |   12 Weeks

Summer staffers invest in small groups of students each week. They pursue relationships with those students throughout each day by eating meals together, going to breakout sessions, hanging out during free time, afternoon recreation, and small group time. The goal is Gospel-driven discipleship and evangelism.

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LMNT application closes on February 26, 2024.

LMNT High School Team   |   10 Weeks

The LMNT team (formerly Servant Team) is a volunteer discipleship program for high schoolers. They serve in various areas around campus each day, such as the kitchen, maintenance, grounds, and housekeeping. LMNT students participate in worship services, sit under small group Bible teaching with directors, study Scripture, and learn to walk with Christ as they disciple others.

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Applications are open each summer. Previous employment by Snowbird is required.

SWO Institute   |   1 Year

The SWO Institute program was created out of the desire to focus on equipping college-age students to become more mature disciples of Christ and advance the spread of the Gospel to the nations. Our goal is to invest in Institute students in three specific areas: theological training, relational discipleship, and local and international ministry.

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I learned how to sacrifice for others and accept when someone was sacrificing for me...working together as a group for the glory of God was the most amazing experience.

Year-round Staff   |   Various Roles

Food Service Staff:
Snowbird is working to develop a database of local people, aligned with the SWO mission, interested in working in the kitchen at SWO.

For questions, please contact Jeremy Wilson at (828)321-2210 / or apply on-line.

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To learn more bout Snowbird’s history, mission, and purpose, click the link below.

Or, if you want to have a conversation with someone on the SWO team, Jake Schwarting is your man:

How long is the commitment to SWO Summer Staff?

12 weeks in total. 2 weeks of staff training and 10 weeks of summer camp running from the end of May to the beginning of August. 

What does a normal week look like?

Campers arrive on Monday in the mid-afternoon and leave Saturday morning. Throughout the week you will be partnered with a group to work with their leaders to invest in their students. This includes sitting in services with them, eating meals with them, and leading discussions and conversations. 

What does life at SWO look like?

You will be housed with several other summer staff members of the same gender. Working at camp lets you see how to live in a close community while sleeping, eating, working, and living with other believers 24/7.

What will spiritual development and discipleship look like?

During the summer we have community groups and fire teams designed to give you the opportunity for intentional discipleship. Fire teams are smaller groups of 3-4 people that are meant to facilitate personal relationships. Community groups consist of 2-3 fire teams with a full-time staff member leading to provide biblical wisdom and insight.

Can I do an internship or get experiential learning credit?

Yes! We have worked with many colleges to meet internship requirements.