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Snowbird Outfitters Coop Worship Building

Statement On Child Protection

Statement on Child Protection

Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters takes our role in the protection of students we host on campus very seriously. Over the last 25 years of ministry, we have put policies and procedures in practice to cooperate with church leaders and staff members to ensure the proper supervision of students while they are at camp. 

Our mission is and always will be to equip the church to impact this generation, and we believe these layers of policies and procedures help us all to better fulfill that mission:  

Background Checks

Starting September 2023, all participants at student camps and conferences over the age of 18 are required to have a background check completed. These checks at minimum cover a criminal search and check of the national sex offender registry. 

Adequate supervision

We require that each group attending SWO provide adequate supervision for their students. Our Snowbird staff are trained and ready to lead in recreation and discipleship with students, but they do not stay overnight in cabins with students. We ask that group leaders take responsibility for supervision and disciplinary actions. 

Security on Property

Upon arrival at camp, groups are given wristbands for all participants, and a parking pass for all vehicles. 

The Snowbird security team runs the gate security at our north campus property during all service times. This team ensures that those arriving at North Campus are only those who have prior approval to be there. In addition, there is always a member of the security team on call to handle any issues that arise. 

Our Staff

Each SWO staff member goes through a lengthy hiring and onboarding process before beginning work at camp. Those working with students will go through two-weeks of staff training to ensure they are equipped for all the demands of the job.

Staff Hiring Process

Prospective SWO staff members go through in-depth reviews, reference checks, screenings and interviews prior to hiring, from hiring team members with MinistrySafe’s Skillful Screening certification.  In addition, Applicants accepting job positions will be required to pass a background check and go through MinistrySafe’s Sexual Abuse Awareness training before they arrive on property.  

Staff Training 

Summer staff are thoroughly trained during staff training. This includes not only the physical/ministry aspects of their time with us (working recreation, driver training, ministry philosophy, small group leadership, etc), but also Risk Management with regards to students. Staff are trained on proper interaction with students, situational training, scenario based learning and other experiential tools to identify and mitigate behavioral risks, appropriate boundaries, reporting requirements, and more. 

This training is not relegated to the two weeks before Summer camp, but is reinforced and retrained throughout the year. 

Staff Supervision

Our staff have multiple layers of supervision for every portion of their job. 

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