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Camden Schwarting

Camden Schwarting

Camden Schwarting

Ministry Partnership Coordinator

Camden Schwarting, our programming production manager, is originally from Charlottesville, VA. He first came to Snowbird as a camper and joined our summer staff in 2019. Since then, Camden has served in the SWO Institute on the marketing team and worked in the local school system. He joined the full-time staff of Snowbird in 2022 as part of our programming team.

“This is the question for all of us when we think about forgiveness, when we think about repentance and restoration in light of Jesus. It’s not about what Jesus is willing to do for us. Jesus has gone the extra mile. He has gone to the cross. He has died for us. He has demonstrated his love for us in more ways than we can count. The question is, “Do you know that? Do you believe that? Do you actually trust that Jesus loves you? And do you actually know that you love him?”
-Camden Schwarting

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