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Implications of the Resurrection: What if it Never Happened?

What if the Resurrection never happened? Many deny this monumental event ever occurred. During the summer of SWO15, Spencer Davis taught a session on this very subject from 1 Corinthians 15.

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Five consequences we would face if the resurrection never happened:

1. Our preaching would be in vain
Basically, we would be wasting our time. Your youth pastor would be wasting his time. Your pastor would be wasting his life. Not only this, but we would also be misrepresenting God. We all might as well be liars.

2. Our faith would be futile
It would be useless. The basis for our faith wouldn’t exist. The object of your faith is what really matters. If you jump off the climbing tower and you put your faith in an umbrella to parachute you to the bottom, you’ll die. The object of our faith is Jesus, and our hope is in the resurrection. If it never occurred, then our faith would be faulty and futile. We would all be crazy people.

3. “You’re still in your sins…”
If the resurrection never occurred, sin and death would have defeated Jesus in the grave, which in turn means that sin and death will defeat you.

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4. There would be no hope after death
This would mean there is either hell or nothingness for those who hope in the resurrection.

5. We’re just pitiful
We would be living our lives for something that never happened. We would be living a lie, and others should pity us.

*Look for a follow-up article on Easter Sunday.

Listen to the full session from Spencer Davis

April 20, 2017

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