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Lindsey Riley | SWO Stories


Lindsey Riley brought Southside Baptist Church (Abbeville, SC) to their first WinterSWO retreat recently, but it wasn’t her first time here! Lindsey came as a camper and was super excited to share her memories and experiences with us.

What is your oldest memory of Snowbird?

My oldest memory is coming here in sixth grade. It was the first Christian camp I had been to. We came during the summer. I actually have an old picture of Brody and I when I was twelve. Brody had a black beard then; he’s gray now, ha!

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How has your experience been as a youth leader having been a student? 

It’s been great. I’m so glad that the students can come and witness the same things I did. I can tell they’re already growing in their faith more. They’re excited to come back again, as am I. I know there are going to be relationships that will build from here; I’m excited to see what the future holds. 

What would you tell someone considering bringing a group to SWO in the future?

I would definitely tell anybody to bring a group here. You’re definitely going to learn how to have that relationship with Jesus, how to have fun and how cool it is to really be set apart in this world. 

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Any SWO staff you want to give a special shoutout to?

Well I’ll just start with Brody because, you know, Brody is my homie. I remember him pouring into us; he gives his all while he’s preaching, and makes us laugh while he’s doing it. This time we’ve had all the SWO staff, like Erin, Nikki, Chris and Libby— they’ve all just been wonderful. The students have loved getting to know them and spend time with them chillin’ and sharing the love of Jesus. It’s so great!

January 27, 2016

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