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Bible Reading Plan (2024)

Snowbird Bible Reading Plan (2024)

We’re restarting the same 1-year Bible reading plan on the Snowbird App. Jump in to read (or listen) through the New Testament and Psalms twice and the rest of the Old Testament once. If you want to kick off a new Bible reading habit in 2024, this is the perfect way to abide in God’s Word and grow in your knowledge of him.

Reading this part-way through the year? No worries, you can download the printable reading schedule and start today!

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2021 01 01 13. 10. 18 2 bible reading plan

The grand storyline of the Gospel started way before Bethlehem—and isn’t over yet. This Bible plan helps all of us grasp the beauty of God’s Word from beginning to end. We love it because it includes passages from the New and Old Testaments every day. Why wouldn’t you want to balance out Leviticus with Psalms and 1 Timothy? Click the image below and download the Snowbird App to jump in on today’s reading (or catch up).

Bible Plan by Robert Murray M’Cheyne

This specific plan was outlined by Robert Murray M’Cheyne in the 1800s and it’s our favorite one to recommend.

3 bible reading plan

Read the Bible with Snowbird in 2024

  • 365 days
  • Old Testament once
  • New Testament & Psalms twice
  • ESV translation

Robert Murray M’Cheyne, a Scottish pastor in the 1800s, originally designed the plan and a few of our staff have been following it for several years.

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