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Feb 29,

Jesus Heals a Woman and Jairus’s Daughter | Winter SWO

Jesus can heal us spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. In this session, Brody walks through 2 stories in Mark 5 where Jesus healed those with feeble faith.  The safest place you …

Feb 27,

Jesus Walks on Water | Winter SWO

When we give into fear, that is an opportunity for us to turn our focus on Jesus. In this session, Jon walks through Matthew 14 where Jesus walks on water …

Feb 22,

Jesus Heals a Man on the Sabbath | Winter SWO

What the world has to offer us will not satisfy our souls. Jesus gives us a satisfaction that the world will never be able to provide. In this session, Brody …

Feb 20,

Jesus Heals the Man with an Unclean Spirit | Winter SWO

Do you believe in miracles? Miracles reveal to us who Jesus really is. In this session, Spencer walks through Mark 5 where Jesus heals a man with an unclean spirit. …

Jan 25,

Boldly Living in Christian Humility | College Retreat

College Retreat | Jake Schwarting | Breakout Too often, we as Christians lazily fall into an unbiblical worldview that affects our decision-making, definition of success, and overall approach to life. …

Jan 23,

Justified By Death | College Retreat

College Retreat | Jeremy Wilson | Breakout There are almost as many views about heaven as there are people. Most believe that they will end up in heaven because of …

Jan 16,

Mark 5 Healing | The Miracles of Jesus

Jesus can heal us spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. This episode of NSR is a sermon Brody taught at a recent Winter SWO retreat. In this session, Brody walks through both …

Jan 16,

God Will Preserve a Remnant | College Retreat

College Retreat | Brody Holloway | Friday Night God will preserve a remnant of his children. We can rest knowing that God will always raise a remnant of believers no …

Nov 20,

Jesus is Lord of the Sabbath

Our busy culture doesn’t prioritize rest. God rested from his work in Genesis 1, so what does that mean for us? In this episode, Brody walks through Scripture and shows …

Nov 8,

The Weight of Sin

We can grow to be unaware of our sin and become comfortable with it. As believers, the righteousness of Jesus clothes us, making us holy and free from our sins. …

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