Winter SWO

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Josiah’s Resolve | Winter SWO Session


Josiah became King when he was only eight years old. The kingdom he inherited was sinful and slipping into pagan idolatry and practice. Today, we live in an idolatrous and … Continue reading

Jon Rouleau March 23, 2023
Event Session

Ruth’s Redemption | Winter SWO Session


In the story of Ruth we see themes of redemption and renewal.  The book of Ruth starts amidst famine, death, and hopelessness. It ends with harvest, new life, and legacy. … Continue reading

Brody Holloway March 21, 2023
Event Session

Rahab’s Confession | Winter SWO Session


God’s grace is greater than our failures. Rahab was a prostitute living in the outskirts of a pagan city.  She believed that the God who freed a people from slavery … Continue reading

Brody Holloway March 16, 2023
Event Session

Who Do You Say That Jesus Is? | Winter SWO Session

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Who do you say that Jesus is?  He was more than just a man, he was and is God. Jesus taught that he was the promised Messiah and that his … Continue reading

Spencer Davis March 14, 2023
Event Session

The Family Line of Jesus | Winter SWO Session


Why are the genealogies in the Bible? Why should we study them? Why are they significant? In this session, Brody breaks down why the genealogies are valuable and what we … Continue reading

Brody Holloway March 9, 2023
Event Session

Prepare Your Mind For Action

Spencer Davis  | Winter SWO22  | Session 6 Christians, we need to prepare our minds for action. Our old self would give in to any desire it wanted to—not caring about … Continue reading

Spencer Davis March 22, 2022
Event Session

Glorify God Through Your Sufferings

Rob Conti  | Winter SWO 22 | Session Five The One who has saved and rescued us is the only One who has the power to keep us. God has … Continue reading

Rob Conti March 15, 2022
Event Session

The Living and Abiding Word of God

Rob Conti | Winter SWO 22 | Session Three  The Word of God is central to our salvation and sanctification.  As believers, we need to examine what we are filling … Continue reading

Rob Conti March 10, 2022
Event Session

Living Hope Through Our Trials

Brody Holloway | Winter SWO 22  | Session Four  The weight of the crucifixion is necessary to understand the power of the resurrection. God has given us an inheritance with … Continue reading

Brody Holloway March 8, 2022
Event Session

Christ Is Our Living Hope

Brody Holloway | Winter SWO | Saturday Morning Ask yourself: Where are you putting your hope? In your friends, talents, hobbies, or relationships? Peter teaches us a lot about the “living … Continue reading

Brody Holloway March 3, 2022
Event Session