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Spirit-Filled Temperaments In Marriage

John & Spicy Ridenour : Fall Marriage Conference : Spirit-Filled Temperaments

October 19, 2018

Breakout Session

John and Spicy Ridenour have been involved with Snowbird for several years, and they were gracious to share in a session on Saturday morning at the SWO Marriage Conference. They recently celebrated their 52nd anniversary and shared the testimony of how Christ has worked in and through their marriage to bring glory to Himself.

“Your marriage is a covenant with God, and the Devil loves to get in the middle of it.” There is a danger of taking on the role of the Holy Spirit in your marriage. Only through the Holy Spirit’s leading, not our own, can we change our attitudes and develop our deep weaknesses. We can’t change our spouse, we can’t even change ourselves! So, we look to prayer as our lifeline. Husbands and wives must battle in prayer for holiness and sanctification of one another. Pray together and pray for one another. Pray daily that your marriage would be bathed in the power and holiness of Jesus Christ.

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Spirit-Controlled Temperament (Tim LeHaye)

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