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The Bread of Life that Satisfies Eternally

Winter SWO 2021 | Spencer Davis | Exodus 17 & John 6

In Exodus 17 and John 6 we see a theme of people wanting their physical needs met by God but not God Himself. The Israelites complained to God about not having water to drink when He just provided bread from heaven for them. They wanted to manipulate God instead of trusting His provision. Jesus tests Philip in John 6, asking him how they were going to get enough bread to feed 5,000 people. Philip answers him through earthly eyes, instead of recognizing that He was talking to God Himself. 

The bread of God is He who comes down and gives eternal life to the world. Jesus is the bread of life, and the people miss it. The bread is just a sign pointing to Him. He didn’t come to be used but He came to offer us eternal life. They wanted to make Him king because of the bread. They didn’t want Him to take away their sins but their hunger. 

Our hope shouldn’t be in the physical world. We should not be trading the eternally great and all-satisfying Jesus with worldly things. He is what will satisfy our souls. He is the true bread. Hoping in Christ will never disappoint.


  • Exodus 16:3
  • Exodus 17:3-4
  • John 6
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March 23, 2021

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