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The Coming of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2

Acts 2:1-4 – The Arrival of the Holy Spirit

It has been nine days since Jesus ascended to heaven, and the disciples have obeyed his command to stay in Jerusalem and wait. We can’t overlook this simple act of obedience because they must have had many questions and doubts coming to the surface during this time. While the disciples were together, the Holy Spirit rushed upon them. Apparently, this sound was “like a mighty rushing wind” (Acts 2:2) and was so loud that it got the attention of people who were visiting Jerusalem at the time. 

Acts 2:2-13 – The Gospel in Many Languages

Now, there are a lot of speculations and opinions when it comes to speaking in “tongues,” so we are just going to stay out of the weeds and stick to the main points. The loud rushing noise made by the Holy Spirit brought a large group of people together. This group of people then saw and heard the disciples who had just been filled with the Holy Spirit. And what did they hear? They heard the disciples speaking the Gospel in a way they could understand! Do not get distracted here by what it means to speak in tongues. Focus on the fact that men, empowered by the Holy Spirit, were proclaiming the Gospel to people who would otherwise not be able to hear the Gospel!

Acts 2:14-36 – Peter Preaches the Gospel

Peter stands up, speaks to all the people visiting Jerusalem for the Feast of Weeks (a Jewish holiday celebration), and proclaims the Gospel. Peter quoted Joel 2:28-32, which speaks of a time when God would pour out his Spirit and dwell richly with his people. Peter proclaims that this has now been fulfilled by the life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Christ. He also declares that Christ is the one from David’s line who will sit on the throne forever (2 Samuel 7:12-13). 

Acts 2:37-41 – Kingdom Expansion

At this, the men were convicted and believed, so Peter told them to “repent and be baptized” (v. 37-38). Luke tells us at the end of the chapter that those who believed numbered about 3,000 people (v. 41). This is unbelievable! Look at who Peter is talking to; in v. 14, he says, “Men of Judea and all who dwell in Jerusalem.” Think back to Acts 1:8; who does Jesus say the disciples will be witnesses to? – “Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” In the first instance of the Gospel being proclaimed with the authority of the Holy Spirit, half of Jesus’ promise to his disciples is being fulfilled.

Acts 2:2-13 – The Gospel in Many Languages

This massive number of people receiving the Gospel results in a new Holy Spirit-led community amongst all these believers. All the believers in Jerusalem met together regularly, ate together, shared everything they had, and listened to the apostles’ teachings. What was the result of all this? The growth of the Church! Luke tells us in v. 47, “The Lord added to their number day by day those who were being saved.” 

Acts 2:42-47 – The Early Church

What an awesome example this is for us. Many of the things we see in Acts, speaking in tongues, healings, and even resurrections, are not things we see often, if ever. But we can live out the example of the early Church by eating together, caring for each other, and devoting ourselves to the teachings of Scripture. If we do these things, we can believe that the Lord will grow his Church, and our prayer should be that the Lord adds to our number day by day those who are being saved.


Put yourself in the disciples’ shoes. How would you feel nine days after Jesus ascended and nothing was happening? 

Peter, less than two months ago, denied that he even knew Jesus. Now, he is standing in front of thousands, proclaiming the Gospel. Spend some time praying for this type of change and boldness in your life.

Peter tells the men who were convicted to “repent and be baptized.” What is the significance of repentance and baptism in the Christian life?


Does your church community look much like the one in v. 42-47? If not, what can you do within that community to make a difference?

What was the disciples’ response to the Holy Spirit? What things do we see in this chapter that we should also be doing?

Memory Verse

God raised him up, loosing the pangs of death, because it was not possible for him to be held by it.

Acts 2:24
May 9, 2024

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