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Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary | University Partnership

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The College at Southeastern

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary (SEBTS) opened its doors in 1950 and 70 years since then our student body has grown to more than 5,800 students. Our reach from Wake Forest, North Carolina now extends across the globe. We aim to make God’s Kingdom vision of people from every tribe, tongue, and nation worshiping Christ together a reality on our campus and in our churches (Revelation 7:9).

Snowbird & the College at Southeastern | Partners in the Gospel

Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary seeks to grant academic credit via a partnership with an accredited and confessional institution so that students can receive college credit for work done while in the SWO Institute program. Participants can receive up to 30 credit hours.

All classes are offered in an in-person format and are taught by three Snowbird Directors who are equipped with the appropriate Master degrees.

Course Compatability

*This chart does not show compatibility with College@SE courses/degrees*

Snowbird Institute CourseCourse e.g.NumberHours
COM 3610Preaching I or Intro to Public SpeakingPR205 or
COM 3620Preaching II or Adv. Public SpeakingPR206 or
HIS 3100History ElectiveHS2973
EVA 1100Missions ElectiveMS 1973
BTI 1100HermeneuticsBL1113
NTS 1100New Testament Survey IIBL1523
NTS 3800Interpreting HebrewsBL4513
NTS 3800Interpreting Phillippians and PhilemonBL3613
OTS 1100Old Testament Survey IIBL1023
PHI 4600Christian ApologeticsPH2153
THE 3100Theology Elective (sub for either TH211 or TH311)TH2973
THE 3120Christian Theology IITH2123
36 hours

*All transfer credits will be subject to a final evaluation by the Registrar’s Office and degree requirements must be met as determined by SEBTS.*

Other Information

Southeastern students who work at Snowbird’s summer camp and apply for financial aid through the Financial Aid Office at SEBTS can receive the Snowbird Scholarship (valued at $1,200).


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Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters – Institute Contact | Jake Schwarting

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