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Implications of the Resurrection: He is Risen

What if the Resurrection never happened? Many deny this monumental event ever occurred. During the summer of SWO15, Spencer Davis taught a session on this very subject from 1 Corinthians 15.

Yesterday’s post painted the dismal picture of what life would be like if the Resurrection did not occur. Life without the Resurrection is a life without purpose, defeated by sin and death.

Fortunately, the Resurrection DID happen, and we rejoice because we are made new through Jesus Christ.

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Here are the joyous realities of the Resurrection (for the Christian):

1. Our preaching is true and effective

Our task is to win souls for the Gospel. This truth changes lives.

2. Our faith is powerful

We worship the God who raises people from the dead.

3. Our sins are forgiven

We no longer live chained to sin and death. Our righteousness through Christ gives us new hope.

4. We have hope in the life to come

Those who have “fallen asleep” will be raised to be with Christ. This world is not our home.

5. We’re not to be pitied

We now have hope in the life to come, so we are broken for those who don’t yet have the same hope.

Listen to the full session from Spencer.

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April 21, 2017

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