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Know Before You Go: 11 Questions to Ask Your Mentor Before Serving Overseas

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  1. Am I a member of a Gospel-preaching, Bible-believing church?
  2. Are other believers/church leaders pouring into my life?
  3. Do other seasoned believers also affirm my call to missions?
  4. Am I consistently walking in repentance to Christ?
  5. Am I actively sharing the Gospel with my friends, co-workers, family, etc?
  6. If you’re going through an organization, how does this organization encourage me to go through the local church?
  7. How healthy are my relationships with others emotionally, mentally, socially?
  8. Do I resist learning new ideas/concepts? Do I have a teachable spirit?
  9. How are my conflict-resolution/problem-solving skills? In what ways can I improve?
  10. In what way do you see me encouraging the global growth of the Bride of Christ? Am I a hindrance or an asset to its unity? What gifts do you see in me that would be beneficial to a church planting team?
  11. Do you see any major red flags in my life that would prevent you from recommending me in an overseas capacity?

Being a “missionary” by definition means that you’re being “sent out.” Being “sent” infers a connection to a local body of believers. If no one is sending you, then are you really a missionary?

When Jesus spoke in the New Testament of the ends of the earth worshiping Him, He spoke of it in the context of the Church. Christ meant for us to live in relation with each other, and that truth necessarily means that I must live in unity and community with His Bride, the Church.

These kinds of conversations aren’t by any means easy—but these difficult conversations serve a larger purpose of advancing the Good News of Jesus. I must be humble & willing to have these difficult conversations for the good of the Gospel.

By Marie Elliot

October 27, 2017

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