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SWO22 Music | Spotify Worship Playlist

Zach Mabry leads our SWO worship band and spends days working through potential songs every spring. This is our list for SWO22 Summer Camp and we couldn’t be more excited to worship with the 200+ churches coming this summer!

Here are the primary worship songs you we sang last summer:

  1. House Of The Lord
  2. There’s Nothing That Our God Can’t Do
  3. 100x
  4. Behold The Lamb
  5. Firm Foundation (He Won’t)
  6. Psalm 90
  7. There Is A King
  8. Hallelujah’s Song (Psalm 103)
  9. I Shall Not Want
  10. He Is God
  11. Christ Be Magnified

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May 25, 2022

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