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Mar 4,

Attacking Deconstruction | A Prescription for Endurance

How do we guard ourselves against deconstruction? Progressive Christianity starts by rejecting Jesus and creating a new idea of who Jesus is. In this episode, Brody breaks down how new …

Feb 12,

Pornography | Commit to Christ, Renew Your Mind

What is shaping the way you view relationships and sexuality?  The world is pressuring students to figure out their gender identity. We need to seek Christ and show students how …

Feb 6,

Faithful Christianity is Countercultural | College Retreat

College Retreat | Zach Mabry | Sunday Morning Who you’re going to be as a person will be a result of what you do today. Our present society wants you …

Feb 1,

Resolve for Good | College Retreat

College Retreat | Spencer Davis How do we grow in godliness in 2024? Transitional seasons don’t have the power to change you. We need to commit to pursuing the Lord …

Jan 30,

Our Modern Day Babylon (Part 2)

Jan 30,

Our Modern Day Babylon

Jan 25,

Boldly Living in Christian Humility | College Retreat

College Retreat | Jake Schwarting | Breakout Too often, we as Christians lazily fall into an unbiblical worldview that affects our decision-making, definition of success, and overall approach to life. …

Oct 3,

Be Strong | Discipline & Dominion

Men’s Conference | Zach Mabry | Breakout As men, we have been called to fight. We are to fight against sin, fight for our holiness, and fight for our families. …

Sep 28,

Gender and the Scriptures | Be Strong

Men’s Conference | Jon Rouleau | Breakout What does Scripture actually say about gender? The god of our society is our feelings, and thus anything that goes against your feelings …

Sep 21,

How to Grow in Wisdom | SWO23

Brody Holloway | Wednesday Girl’s Night  How can young women gain and attain wisdom? Proverbs 4 teaches us that we grow in wisdom by submitting to Scripture rather than turning …

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