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May 21,

What You Leave Behind | Be Strong

What kind of legacy are you going to pass down to your children? God has given us a unique responsibility as men to be fathers. Whether you had a good …

May 9,

Trust the Lord, Wrestle the Flesh | Be Strong

As men, we tend to fight the wrong things. We’re supposed to trust the Lord and wrestle the flesh. In the life of Jacob, we see him doing the opposite. …

May 7,

Just Be Faithful | BE STRONG

You are going to make mistakes but God’s grace is bigger than all your failures. In this session, Brody walks through 8 actions and interactions we can learn from the …

May 2,

Obedience Born of Faith | Be Strong

What type of faith do you have? We see in Genesis 22 what kind of faith Abraham had. His faith was accounted to God as righteousness. Jesus is the author …

Apr 30,

And Abraham Went… | Be Strong

The grace of God is evident even in the darkest of times. We see this in the life of Abraham when God calls him to leave everything he’s ever known. …

Mar 26,

When I Became A Man | Pure and Holy

Biblical masculinity is being attacked by culture today. We need to pursue what the Bible has to say about being a godly man instead of listening to the world. In …

Feb 19,

Fix Your Eyes on Jesus & Pursue Holiness

Biblical masculinity is being attacked by our current culture. We need to pursue what the Bible has to say about being a godly man instead of listening to the world. …

Feb 12,

Pornography | Commit to Christ, Renew Your Mind

What is shaping the way you view relationships and sexuality?  The world is pressuring students to figure out their gender identity. We need to seek Christ and show students how …

Oct 17,

Comradery & Conduct | Be Strong

Jeremy Wilson | Be Strong Men’s Conference | Breakout There is so much more at stake for our holiness when we’re husbands and fathers. In today’s culture, genuine male friendships …

Oct 12,

Be Strong | Navigating The Complexities of a Fallen World

Men’s Conference | Spencer Davis | Sunday MorningGod has promised to be with you just as he was with Joshua. Part of being a man is navigating the complexities of …

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