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Pornography | Commit to Christ, Renew Your Mind

What is shaping the way you view relationships and sexuality? 

The world is pressuring students to figure out their gender identity. We need to seek Christ and show students how to fight sexual immorality. In this episode, Brody points out 4 things we can learn from Romans 12 that push us to commit to walking with Christ in this area of our lives.

Pornography and sexual immorality are heart issues. As we’re being conformed into the image of Christ, we’re going to make mistakes. But we can live in freedom because we have Christ’s Spirit living in us. 

Brody also sits down with Spencer Davis to discuss what renewing our minds practically looks like. If we walk by the Spirit, we won’t gratify the flesh. Let’s set our minds on things above and rest in the freedom we have in Christ. 

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February 2025

, February 12, 2024

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