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Brody Holloway

Jun 12,

The Dwindling Desire to Grow Up

How do we address this cultural issue of students not wanting to step into adulthood? A recent survey from, where they surveyed employers on interviewing young adults today, tells …

Jun 6,

Why God Disciplines Us & How We Should Respond | Respond

Brody Holloway | Respond Women’s Retreat Why does God discipline Christians? It’s not for revenge or out of spite — he disciplines us out of love and affirms that we’re his sons …

Jun 4,

Jesus’ Authority Over Satan

Satan is the father of lies. He attacks us in our weakest moments and right after great victories in our lives. So, we need to be aware of Satan’s schemes …

May 27,

Be On Mission | SWO24 Kickoff

It’s day 1 of SWO24 Summer Camp! Please be praying for our staff and the students that will be arriving today!  In this episode, Brody interviews some of the guys …

May 20,

Staff Interviews & The Core Values of Snowbird | SWO24 Kickoff

In this episode, Brody walks through the 5 core values of Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters. These core values explain why we do what we do and show the characteristics we hold …

May 13,

SWO24 Kickoff | The Mission of Snowbird

Today marks day one of staff training for SWO24! Our staff will be arriving throughout the day and we will worship together tonight. To kick off this summer, Brody walks …

May 7,

Just Be Faithful | BE STRONG

You are going to make mistakes but God’s grace is bigger than all your failures. In this session, Brody walks through 8 actions and interactions we can learn from the …

May 6,

Discouragement | 8 Principles We Can Learn from Paul

How should we deal with discouragement and depression as believers? The Lord has encouraging words for those who are struggling. In this episode, Brody walks through discouragement in the life …

Apr 30,

And Abraham Went… | Be Strong

The grace of God is evident even in the darkest of times. We see this in the life of Abraham when God calls him to leave everything he’s ever known. …

Apr 29,

How to Parent According to Scripture

How can we as parents disciple and train our children according to scripture? In this episode, Brody shares some thoughts from Proverbs 22:6 and how we can raise our children …

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