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What I’ve Learned at SWO (And Why I’m Still Here)

I’m thankful to serve in the ministry of Snowbird year-round since May of 2009. I came as a recent college graduate, single and ambitious, to work my last “free” summer on the SWO9 summer staff crew. By God’s grace, I’m still here — hopefully, wiser and more sanctified, married with three kids. Most days I feel utterly blessed and completely unworthy to live the life I lead. God is good, and He has been good to my family by planting us here. My role at SWO has evolved through many phases of growth and seasons of life, but Christ has been making me more into his image every step of the way. Here are a few things I’ve learned over the past eight years.

Through my time at SWO…

  1. I have a bigger view of the global Church.
  2. I have seen what it is like to abide in Christ.
  3. I value relationships more than entertainment.
  4. I know how to study the Bible.
  5. I am being molded by the Word of God.
  6. I know how to share the Gospel clearly and completely.
  7. I watch godly men and women make godly disciples.
  8. I value churches working together in unity.
  9. I am more overwhelmed by the glory of Jesus.
  10. I have watched friends joyfully count the cost and go to the foreign mission field to reach the unreached.
  11. I see examples of godly people serving local churches, working normal jobs, and becoming godly parents that are raising godly kids.
  12. I realize we are all broken and need redemption.
  13. I know that Jesus can save anyone. I’ve seen it happen.
  14. I remember my identity is in Christ alone.
  15. I see God’s purposes in the body of Christ more clearly.
  16. I know what all-consuming faith looks like and why Jesus is not an accessory in my life.
  17. I better understand the believer’s call for missional living.
  18. I remember I am sanctified by the same grace that saved for me.
  19. I know I can never graduate past understanding the Gospel.
  20. I see that I am saved by God’s grace and for His glory.
  21. I better understand how to apply God’s Word in my life.
  22. I am learning to focus on the most important thing and let the details work themselves out.
  23. I remember that ministry effectiveness rests in God’s favor rather than man’s ability.
  24. I am becoming a better husband and father.
  25. I love the local church more.
  26. I trust in God’s plan more faithfully.
  27. I have a clearer vision of the Kingdom of God.
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January 6, 2017

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