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Summer Camp Staff Positions

Summer Camp Staff Application

Each summer, Snowbird Outfitters hires approximately 120 adults, college-age and older, to help operate our summer program. These staff members work alongside church groups, lead student small groups, work recreation, serve meals, clean campus, and participate in various worship services and camp activities.

A Summer Staffer’s main responsibility throughout each week is to invest in the students to which they are “assigned.” Each week, SWO hosts dozens of churches from around the country. Each staff member will be assigned to a specific church group for the week to build relationships with and invest in their students. That staff member will pursue relationships with those students throughout each day, eating meals together, going to breakout sessions, hanging out during free time, and participating in small group time, with the driving force of a God-centered love and a passion to engage students in discipleship and evangelism.

Snowbird’s Summer Staff commitment is for 12 consecutive weeks. Staff will participate in two weeks of training, followed by 10 weeks of camp.

Summer Staff applications are available each winter. Ask about earning college internship credit when you apply!

Note: Must be at least one year out of high school and 18 years of age to apply. If you’re younger, then check out our LMNT program to learn more about serving as a high school student.

Contact our Staff Hiring Team to discuss any questions or inquiries related to applying for the SWO Staff.

Watch Interviews With Former SWO Staffers

Snowbird is committed to expositional teaching and Gospel-centered discipleship. Summer staffers build Gospel-driven relationships on the front-line of SWO ministry.

12 weeks / Community Groups / Gospel-centered Discipleship / Expositional Preaching / Personal Relationships / School Internships / High-Adventure Recreation / Leadership Training / Biblical Theology

Join the Mission

Our Snowbird Institute students are more than interns.

When you join the Institute, you are joining a Gospel-driven ministry team committed to equipping local churches to make disciples. By God’s grace, we’ve been training, discipling, and sending out college-age students since 1997 — and we don’t have any plans to slow down. We love equipping college students to grow in their faith while engaging others in relational ministry.

If you want to grab a conversation with someone on the SWO Institute leadership team, Jake Schwarting is your man:

The simple truth is that we all grow in our faith more deeply when we’re challenged to walk with others along the way. If you learn more about what drives Snowbird (and the Institute), click below:

Want Info on Other Snowbird Staff Programs?

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“My mind has been opened to many ministry opportunities, big and small, at and outside of Snowbird. My passion for evangelism and discipleship has grown.” – Amanda

Snowbird Institute

The SWO Institute program was created out of the desire to focus on equipping college-age students to become more mature disciples of Christ and advance the spread of the Gospel to the nations. Our goal is to invest in Institute students in three specific areas: theological training, relational discipleship, and local and international ministry.

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“You feel encouraged because it has nothing to do with you at all, it’s all about placing other people before yourself.” – Christiaan

LMNT High School Team

The LMNT team (formerly Servant Team) is a volunteer discipleship program for high schoolers. They serve in various areas around campus each day, such as the kitchen, maintenance, grounds, and housekeeping. LMNT students participate in worship services, sit under small group Bible teaching with directors, study Scripture, and learn to walk with Christ as they disciple others.

2023 snowbird staff team
“I learned how to sacrifice for others and accept when someone was sacrificing for me…working together as a group for the glory of God was the most amazing experience.”

Year-Round Snowbird Staff

I learned how to sacrifice for others and accept when someone was sacrificing for me…working together as a group for the glory of God was the most amazing experience.

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