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Amy Davis

May 30,

The Power of Intentions | Respond

What are you repeating to yourself everyday? Our thoughts can sometimes become so repetitive that they can become sinful in the way that we’re thinking. In this breakout, Amy Davis …

Jun 16,

Praying God’s Word

Amy Davis | Respond Breakout Session Sometimes we overcomplicate prayer and view it as intimidating.  But, this shouldn’t be the case. Prayer should be restful and recharging for us. We are …

Jul 22,

How To Cultivate Creativity & Adventure In The Home

Amy Davis | Respond Women’s Retreat | Breakout Our goal is for our kids to know Jesus. As moms, we should be striving to promote intentional Gospel-centered conversations with our …

Sep 8,

Seeking Happiness | Women’s Session

Amy Davis | 8/29/20 Resources

May 5,

Respond: Christ – The Cornerstone of Marriage

Amy Davis | Respond Conference | 2014 Amy Davis speaks to the married women during the Respond Conference on the example that marriage is of the relationship between Christ and …

Mar 6,

Biblical Discipline in the Home | Respond

  Amy Davis | Breakout | Respond Conference Amy Davis teaches what it means to train and discipline your children according to scriptural instruction. Respond Women’s Retreat 2013.

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