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Abigail as a Type of Christ | Beyond the Flannelgraph

Abigail is a type (example) of Christ. 

In 1 Samuel 25, she confronted David and 400 of his men to spare the lives of the men in her town. In this episode, Brody walks through what we can learn from her act of bravery and how she points us to the Lord. Abigail approaches David in humility and boldness as she asks to let all the guilt of her husband fall onto her. 

She displays deep faith that mirrors Christ to us.

What can we learn from her boldness? We need to be a people of faith and action. Abigail’s faith was not passive. Everything she did was aggressive but driven by humility. She was faithful right where she was serving. She shows us what humility looks like. 

Let’s learn from her example. Let’s be people of action, bravery, and humility.


  • 1 Samuel 25
  • 2 Samuel 7

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April 25, 2022

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