Tattoos, Bacon, Beer | Christianity & the Law

Brody Holloway |
May 1, 2023

As New Testament believers, how do we apply the Law to our lives? Jesus came to fulfill the Law, not abolish it. The Law exposes our sinful desires and tendencies. 

The Law was given at the beginning of the nation of Israel; which laws are we supposed to follow today? In this episode, Brody walks through how we live between the tension of the law, legalism, and our freedom as believers.

Jesus cares about your heart. Scripture has called us to be obedient to Jesus. Don’t live legalistically. Christianity is not about following a dress code in church. Let’s extend grace to each other and give God glory in everything we do.


  • Matthew 5
  • Romans 10:4
  • Romans 6-7
  • Romans 14
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