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The Crazy Rise and Fall of David

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Whatever God gives you, make sure to be faithful with that—even if it seems little right now. The Lord will bless and give you more responsibility. King David was chosen by God and anointed as the new king while serving his father as a young shepherd.

He showed periods of strong faithfulness and obedience, then fell hard in several key areas of life. David killed Goliath, but at the end of David’s life Israel still hadn’t driven out their enemies.

No matter what you do, no matter where you’ve been, you cannot out-sin the grace of Jesus. You cannot halt the power and ability of Jesus to forgive you. And that should give us strength, hope, and encouragement.


  • 1 Samuel 16-31
  • 2 Samuel 5-10


“Then all of a sudden, David falls. He just falls, he crashes and he crashes hard. But what’s beautiful about the story is David’s reaction. It’s one of repentance. When we’re confronted with our own sin we tend to either blame someone else or make excuses. When you’re confronted with your own failure (your own sin) do you tend to blame someone else? Do you tend to make an excuse? David does neither to Nathan and instead says, ‘I’ve sinned against the Lord.’”

“There are two things…that I want to leave with you. The first one is repentance. This is what repentance looks like: Humbling of myself and admission of my sin. The second thing is humility. True repentance is always going to come with humility. If I’m making an excuse for my sin, that’s not true repentance. If I’m justifying my action, that’s not true repentance. Humility always accompanies repentance. So if I’m humble before the Lord and humble before others, then my repentance will be sincere.”


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March 23, 2020

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