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The Unlawful Trial of Jesus

Jesus’s trial was illegal according to Roman and Jewish law. In this episode, Brody looks at 8 illegalities of the trial of Jesus. Understanding the trial of Jesus helps us understand how sinful and manipulative this world is.

Jesus is the one who will judge both the living and the dead. It is he who sits on the Throne of Judgment. Pilate will stand before Jesus. Ciaphus will stand before Jesus. We will all give an account for our lives and how we lived them.

Let’s remember the Gospel and worship Jesus because of what he’s done. Let’s live obediently and faithfully unto him.


  • Luke 22:63-65
  • Isaiah 53
  • John 18:19-24
  • John 2:19
  • Mark 14:59
  • Luke 13:1
  • Luke 23:6

May 15, 2023

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