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5 Things Joshua Teaches Us About Ministry Leadership

Joshua is an excellent example of biblical courage. At our youth pastor conference a few years ago, we examined the big picture of his life in God’s Word.

  1. Joshua was born and raised as a slave and likely had no sense of entitlement.
  2. Joshua was in the first combat of the Israelites against the Amalekites. He was a soldier, leading in combat.
  3. Joshua served as Moses’ assistant — he was not the number one guy.
  4. Joshua suffered the consequences of the ten unfaithful spies (besides he and Caleb) for 40 years. He stayed the course, faithful to the Lord, serving behind Moses.
  5. Joshua had an impressive resume, but God still had to call him to courage. Only he and Caleb did not tremble in fear when they spied out the promised land.

We learn humility by serving others, by being the number two guy. We all tend to struggle with doubt about our calling in ministry. Availability is the only thing we bring to Gospel ministry; nothing else! Each of us has a powerful testimony of the Gospel bringing us from death to life. None of us bring anything to offer the Lord — our qualifications mean nothing, because Christ brings everything.

What did God command Joshua to do in the face of struggle and fear?

Preach the Word of God regardless of the cultural climate. Preach repentance no matter what! Feel urgency toward the culture. Courage comes from God’s presence in ministry.

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March 2025

May 31, 2016

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