Beware of Suspicion | College Retreat

Jon Rouleau |
February 2, 2023

College Retreat | Jon Rouleau | Saturday Night

In this session, Jon Rouleau breaks down the difference between truth and suspicion. Jon also gives three steps that result in doubting God.

  1. You become suspicious of his Word.
  2. You become suspicious of his goodness.
  3. You become suspicious of God.

Suspicion breaks down our relationships. In Genesis 3, we see Satan shifting Eve’s gaze away from the Lord using these three steps. The Enemy does not want you to worship God. He wants you to doubt God and reject him. 

When you are doubting, run to God. He will fulfill his promises to us. He is who he says he is. He is faithful.


  • Genesis 3
  • Proverbs 3:5-6
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