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Jun 6,

Why God Disciplines Us & How We Should Respond | Respond

Brody Holloway | Respond Women’s Retreat Why does God discipline Christians? It’s not for revenge or out of spite — he disciplines us out of love and affirms that we’re his sons …

Jun 4,

Entanglements & Endurance | Respond

Bethany Clark | Respond Women’s Retreat How can we run the race faithfully as women in this distracting world? In this session, Bethany Clark walks through Hebrews 12 and discusses …

May 30,

Remaining Anchored Through Suffering | Respond

Anna Rose Garrett | Respond Women’s Retreat We are not promised an easy life just because we’re Christians. We live in a fallen world and we will go through suffering …

May 28,

The Remedy For Weak Faith | Respond

Brooke Lovingood | Respond Women’s Retreat Temporary things cannot uphold an eternal soul. The remedy to your weak faith is the hope of Jesus. In this session, Brooke Lovingood walks …

Jun 8,

Take Action | Respond

Your responsibility as a Christ-follower is to grow more into the image of Jesus.  In Hebrews 5:11, we see the author address his readers concerning their lack of growth and …

Jun 6,

Take Up Your Shield | Respond

We’ve obtained an inheritance in Christ. We’ve been adopted by Jesus through His blood. Christ has given us a new identity that we are not entitled to. In this session, …

Jun 1,

Identity in Christ | Respond

How do human beings find identity? Why should we care about what God says concerning us? What does God say about us? These are 3 questions that Anna Rose Garrett walks through …

May 30,

The Power of Intentions | Respond

What are you repeating to yourself everyday? Our thoughts can sometimes become so repetitive that they can become sinful in the way that we’re thinking. In this breakout, Amy Davis …

May 25,

Contentment in Christ | Respond

What is your focus? It can be so easy to take our eyes off the Lord and lose our focus. As Believers, we are called to stand firm in Christ. …

May 23,

Grace Changes Everything | Respond

Believers, we are saved by grace. We’ve done nothing to earn our salvation but Jesus has already made us his own. So how do we live out Christ’s workmanship in …

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