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Summer Camp

Sep 21,

How to Grow in Wisdom | SWO23

Brody Holloway | Wednesday Girl’s Night  How can young women gain and attain wisdom? Proverbs 4 teaches us that we grow in wisdom by submitting to Scripture rather than turning …

Sep 19,

5 Essentials For Growing in Student Ministry | SWO23

Joseph Tucker | SWO23 Youth Pastor Breakout We are called to teach, equip, train, and disciple those God calls us to serve. This breakout seeks to equip those in student ministry …

Sep 14,

Gender & Sexuality | SWO23

Zach Mabry | SWO23 Youth Pastor Breakout In light of all the confusion in our culture today regarding gender and sexuality, we need to be reminded that the Bible addresses …

Sep 12,

Shepherding Your Youth Ministry: Abuse & Reporting | SWO23

Rob Conti | SWO23 Youth Pastor Breakout In this breakout, Rob Conti discusses how to care for a student when they confide in you that they have experienced sexual abuse. …

Sep 7,

Set Your Mind On Christ | SWO23 Guys Session

Rob Conti | SWO23 Guys Session Your body was meant for the Lord and not for sexual immorality. Your identity is not based on your sexuality. It’s grounded in who …

Sep 5,

Guarding Our Time, Treasure, & Talents | SWO23

Brody Holloway | SWO23 Wednesday Girl’s Night The Gospel changes our hearts. The Word of God is critical to your growth as a believer. Let’s love the Word of God …

Aug 31,

Discipline: A Calling For Every Christian Man | SWO23

Jon Rouleau | SWO23 Wednesday Guys Night In today’s society, non-christian voices are dominating the conversation when it comes to discipline. God speaks about spiritual discipline all throughout Scripture. How …

Aug 29,

Identity (Girls Breakout) | SWO23

Anna Rose Garrett | SWO23 Girls Breakout In this session, Anna Rose walks through 3 questions we should ask ourselves as young women. In today’s society, it’s so easy to …

Aug 24,

What the Bible Says About Creation | SWO23

Zach Mabry | SWO23 Breakout So much of the biblical worldview rests on our understanding of creation. However, when we usually talk about it, we don’t get out of the …

Aug 22,

Gender & The Bible | SWO23

Jon Rouleau | SWO23 Breakout In the culture we live in today, there is a constant buzz of conversation about gender and sexuality. As Christians, we are fighting everyday to …

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