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Rob Conti : Luke 22:31-32, 1 Peter 5:9 : March 3, 2018

When we think about discipleship, we often forget about the role of trials in our lives. Through discipleship, as we learn to know and trust Jesus, He makes us more like Himself. Luke 22 reminds us, through the life of Peter, that the Lord will use everything in our lives to sanctify us. Peter’s faith grew strong as he was constantly sanctified, but he was also imprisoned. He was faithful to the end and reached many people for the Gospel. 

When you mess up, when you fail and fall flat on your face, when guilt and shame overwhelm you, and you begin to doubt your faith, you can know that Jesus, the risen Savior, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe prays for you. 

“I’d like to say we wouldn’t, but we will fail. We will sin. We will face trials and fail.

But hear me; listen to me: Jesus does not fail. Jesus will not fail you.” – Rob Conti

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