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Rob Conti

Rob Conti, program director, came to Snowbird in 2001 to serve on Summer Staff. He served several summers while finishing his undergraduate degree at Liberty University. After graduating in 2003, he served as a youth pastor for three years in Forest, Virginia. Rob returned to Snowbird in 2006 and met his wife, Sarah, who had been serving at Snowbird since 2004. They married in 2007. In addition to Rob’s responsibilities as the program director, he is one of the main session speakers for year-round camps and retreats. Throughout the year, he travels to speak at churches and youth events. He completed his Master of Arts in Religion in 2009. Rob and Sarah have three children: Molly, Marissa, and Walker.

May 2,

Obedience Born of Faith | Be Strong

What type of faith do you have? We see in Genesis 22 what kind of faith Abraham had. His faith was accounted to God as righteousness. Jesus is the author …

Apr 9,

Keep Yourselves in the Love of God | Iron on Iron

As believers, we have a responsibility to recognize wolves in our communities. We will know them by how they live their lives; as unauthentic believers. God calls believers to be …

Apr 2,

Contend For the Faith | Iron on Iron

What does it mean for us to contend for the faith?God calls us beloved. When we couldn’t get to God, He came to rescue us. God is keeping us, guarding …

Mar 19,

Love That Covers Sin & Shame | Pure & Holy

Pure & Holy | Rob Conti | Saturday NightOnly God gets to define love. God sent his Son to shed his blood for us to cover our sins. 1 Corinthians …

Mar 5,

Jesus Feeds The 5,000 | Winter SWO

Jesus did not just come to meet our temporary needs. He can and will meet your eternal needs. In this session, Rob Conti walks through John 6, where Jesus feeds …

Nov 14,

Marriage Conference | Christ’s Example of Love

What right do you have to hold your spouse’s sin against them? In marriage, we are to cover one another’s shortcomings with grace. We need to see our spouse through …

Nov 2,

Fall Retreat | Our Future Hope of Resurrection

Fall Retreat | Rob Conti | Sunday Morning Satan has used fear and death to keep us enslaved to him. But because Christ was raised from the dead, our resurrection …

Oct 10,

Be Strong | Joshua – Courageous Obedience

Men’s Conference | Rob Conti | Saturday NightWhen we are disobedient towards God, we are really saying that we don’t trust Him. God has promised to be with us always; …

Sep 12,

Shepherding Your Youth Ministry: Abuse & Reporting | SWO23

Rob Conti | SWO23 Youth Pastor Breakout In this breakout, Rob Conti discusses how to care for a student when they confide in you that they have experienced sexual abuse. …

Sep 7,

Set Your Mind On Christ | SWO23 Guys Session

Rob Conti | SWO23 Guys Session Your body was meant for the Lord and not for sexual immorality. Your identity is not based on your sexuality. It’s grounded in who …

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