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Gar and Kimberly Bozeman Testimony | Marriage Session

Dallas (Gar) & Kimberly Bozeman : Marriage Conference : Oct. 28, 2017

Dallas “Gar” Bozeman and Kimberly Bozeman joined the full-time SWO staff in July of 2017. Dallas served 11 years of active military service and three years conducting performance optimization in the oil & gas industry before joining. A native of Sulligent, Alabama, Dallas serves as the Front Office Manager in charge of church accounts, event coordination, and internal communications. Kimberly is the Head Volleyball Coach at Andrews High School and serves in Snowbird’s Pin Wheel Program. Married in 2005, Dallas and Kimberly have three children: Brooks, Isabella, and Brody.

At this year’s Marriage Conference, Gar and Kimberly shared the story of how Christ redeemed their broken home and marriage that was hanging on by a thread.

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