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Dallas Bozeman

Jun 1,

Faith Without Works

Gar Bozeman | Christian School Retreat True faith will bear fruit. In this session, Gar walked through James 2 and discussed what true faith looks like. James teaches us that …

Nov 3,

The Slain Lamb, The Risen King

Be Strong | Dallas Bozeman | Sunday After studying the lives of the kings, we’ve learned that none of the kings could save their people. They weren’t able to deliver …

Nov 5,

Romans 12:1-2 For Students

Gar Bozeman | Romans Road | 2019 Fall Retreat   Resources Snowbird Fall Retreats Want to find out what we’re learning? Join the Snowbird Newsletter and get our list of …

Oct 2,

Be Strong | Living Sacrifice

Dallas Bozeman | Be Strong | September 28, 2019

Aug 22,

SWO19 Workshop: The Gospel Across Cultures

Dallas Bozeman : Workshop : Summer 2019 Imagine sharing the Gospel across cultures. What does it look like? Did you imagine using your language, your Bible, and your stories? In …

Aug 18,

SWO19 Youth Pastor Breakout: Ministering to Sexual Abuse Survivors

Summer 2019  Sexual abuse has reached epidemic levels and our churches are not immune. Most survivors carry a yoke of shame and guilt. As ministry leaders, we must be equipped …

Aug 13,

Redeeming Masculinity (SWO19 Guys Session)

Dallas Bozeman : Summer 2019 : Wednesday AM Jesus Christ is the prototypical man who displays both compassion and courage. In a society where masculinity is often rejected or abused, …

Apr 16,

Sex, The Safeguard of Mutual Satisfaction In Marriage

Dallas Bozeman : 1 Corinthians 7 : Marriage Conference : April 12, 2019 Imagine how much healthier our marriages would be if our aim was to bring satisfaction to the …

Mar 21,

Be Strong: Physical Disciplines

Dallas Bozeman : Physical Disciplines: Be Strong If God created man from the dust and formed him into His image, then our bodies can’t be inconsequential. All things were created …

Jan 30,

College Retreat: Broken for His Glory

Dallas Bozeman : College Retreat :  2 Corinthians 4:2 : January 26, 2019 Barna Research conducted a study and found that 70% of Freshmen entering college as professing believers will …

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