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The Slain Lamb, The Risen King

Be Strong | Dallas Bozeman | Sunday

After studying the lives of the kings, we’ve learned that none of the kings could save their people. They weren’t able to deliver them from sin or the wrath of God. The life of the kings shows us our need for God. There is only one who has the power to deliver us and it’s not in any system of government but it’s in the King who has conquered. We serve a King who is in control and His power doesn’t change according to elections or pandemics. 

As we long for normalcy to return, don’t long for our old distractions. Men, we need to be the spiritual leaders of our homes. It matters if we’re fighting for our personal holiness or not. It matters if we’re reading Scripture or not. It matters if we’re praying or not. This life isn’t about us, it’s about the glory of Christ. Make war against your sin, and run to the only one that will save you.


  • Revelation 5
  • Isaiah 6
  • Isaiah 48
  • Psalm 73


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November 3, 2020

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