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Marriage is a Covenant

Spencer Davis : Snowbird Marriage Conference

Spencer opened up the weekend for us by looking at the origin of “Love and Respect” — a principle we receive from Ephesians 5. To set the stage for love and respect, we must see the big picture of its foundation: the Marriage Covenant itself. We must also look throughout Scripture to understand examples of covenants to form a more biblical understanding of what the Marriage Covenant truly is.

The Marriage Covenant is about Christ and His glory—not what works best for us. Marriage is based on the strong bedrock of covenant love, but many of us function as if we are in emotionally-based contracts. These contracts will not survive storms, infidelity, or even preference and strangeness—much less sin. Covenants are what survive. We need to mirror God in a covenant, not contract, whether or not our spouse “does their part.” A successful marriage comes from both people mirroring God’s covenantal commitment. It is our joy to do 100% of the work, like Christ, and love selflessly.

4 Realities of Covenental Marriage Love:

  1. Marriage is sacred.
  2. Marriage, even the best ones, still fall short. We need Christ.
  3. Christ-like love covers sins.
  4. Cultivate and grow love with your spouse.
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October 30, 2018

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