Military & Law Enforcement: Dying to Repent

Dallas Bozeman |
January 9, 2019


Dallas Bozeman : Military & Law Enforcement Conference : Luke 13:1-9 : January 5, 2019

There are two questions that Veterans and Officers most often ask themselves when death is thrust into their faces: “What did they do wrong to deserve this?” and “What did I do wrong to cause this?” We heap imagined guilt upon ourselves for the tragedies that have befallen friends or other loved ones. Sometimes unthinkable things befall the godliest and most committed. In our human condition, we like to deal with problems, but Christ dealt with the person.

Jesus in His mercy tears us away from our earthly attachments to give us something better. He applies the Gospel to our soul and covers us with the Word. When we look at Luke 13:9, we see that if it bears fruit, well and good. All those years of unfruitfulness are forgotten. They never happened. Because the work of Christ and the Holy Spirit has made you into a new creation. Not because you’ve accomplished something but because Christ in His mercy has sustained you. Next time we find ourselves asking God “why,” let’s remember the fact that we are alive is due to the grace of God and the work of Christ. Because of this, we should then worship Him.

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