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Pure and Holy: Preparing for Covenant Marriage

Spencer Davis : Genesis 15 : Pure and Holy

A successful marriage comes from both people mirroring God’s covenantal commitment. We commit to do 100% of the work, like Christ, and love selflessly, knowing we will both fail. Marriage cannot be based on contract, feelings, or attraction. They must be deeper, more real.

The foundation of living out a Christ-centered marriage is becoming a Christ-centered single person. If you take two self-centered people and put them in the front of a church with a pastor and have them say vows, it doesn’t transform them into an automatic Christ-centered marriage. Just like Jesus’ love for us and his pursuit of us began before we “met” him, your love and pursuit of your spouse begins now-even before you “meet” them.

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February 2025

February 27, 2019

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