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Who Do You Say That Jesus Is? | Winter SWO

Who do you say that Jesus is? 

He was more than just a man, he was and is God. Jesus taught that he was the promised Messiah and that his hearers were in need of salvation. In Luke 4, we see that those who heard this message responded in anger. When our sin is exposed we tend to deny and rebel.

Let’s see Jesus for who He really is and see ourselves for who we really are. We are sinners in need of a Savior. 

  • Luke 4:14-30

We need to recognize that Jesus is not just Joseph’s son. He is God. He’s God himself.

Spencer Davis

How do you view Jesus?

– The people of Nazareth rejected Jesus not because he claimed to be the Messiah, but because he pointed out their spiritual poverty and need for a savior.

– Jesus’ message is not just about physical healing but also about spiritual healing and liberation.

– People often struggle to accept their own brokenness and need for salvation.

– The stories of the widow from Zarephath and Naaman the Syrian illustrate the need for humility and recognition of one’s own desperation before God.

– Jesus’ claim of being the Messiah and his message of salvation can be a source of conflict and rejection.

Key quotes

“When they see Jesus for who he really is, they do not like that, and they definitely don’t like seeing themselves as they really are.”

“Jesus is more than a man. He’s bigger than a genealogy, but he’s born into the line of men to accomplish specific purposes.”

“If you’re poor today, I’m not talking about money wise. If you’re poor and broken, man, Jesus is good news. For you.”

“If you’re captive today, like some of you guys are enslaved to sinful habits, if you’re captive to that, man, jesus is good news for you.”

“The reason this year is good news is because Jesus has taken the condemnation, he’s taken the wrath. He’s going to bear God’s wrath in our place so he can proclaim spiritual sight, spiritual freedom. And if we humble ourselves like Naaman, if we strip ourselves of our self reliance and we turn to Jesus, then we’ll be clean.”

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