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From The Coop | September 2023 Newsletter

The Highlights

News & Announcements

How to Apply for 2024 Summer Staff

Staff applications are wide open for 2024 Summer Staff and LMNT (high school) positions. 

Click here to learn more (and apply).

SWO23 Summer Recap

Want to get a summary of what happened during Summer Camp, via photos?

View our SWO23 Recap

Youth Ministry Conference – Iron on Iron 2023

Iron on Iron is a weekend event designed to help you finish strong in student ministry. Our preaching team packs the conference with tons of Gospel-driven preaching and helpful breakouts.

Free for youth pastors and spouses:
Click here to sign up.

Stuff to Listen to

No Sanity Required (podcast)

  • Social Media & Parenting: Fight for Your Teens, Part 1 (listen)
  • Social Media & Parenting: Fight for Your Teens, Part 2 (listen)
  • Engaging Social Media with a Biblical Worldview (listen)

SWO Teaching Sessions

  • Guarding Our Time, Treasure, & Talents
  • Discipline: A Calling for Every Christian Man
  • Identity (girls breakout)
  • What the Bible Says About Creation
  • Gender & the Bible
  • Bible Study Tips for Students
  • The Gospel in the Life of Joseph
  • Joseph & Jacob Reunited
  • God’s Sovereignty in the Life of Joseph

Click here to listen and get the breakout slides.

Biblical Parenting Resources Guide (NEW)

What is the goal of biblical parenting? Raising well-behaved kids who contribute positively to society, or who are simply well-prepared for life, are great places to start—but they fall short of Scripture’s calling.

Click here to get the resource guide.

Resources on Godly Womanhood (NEW)

The world is trying to distract us and pull you away from Christ. Here is what you need to know to recognize the enemy, put on your armor, and pursue the Lord faithfully as a woman in 2023. 

Click here to get our best resources on godly womanhood.

September 7, 2023

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