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From The Coop | July 2023 Newsletter

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An update on SWO23 (and how you can pray for the SWO team):

News & Announcements

2024 Retreats & Conferences

Our spring 2024 retreats and conferences are now open for registration. That means you can sign up today for any of these awesome weekends:

PS – You don’t have to wait until 2024 to get equipped and re-focus on the Word.

Listen to teaching sessions from all previous conferences right here.

2024 Summer Staff Application (SWO24)

Also, the 2024 Summer Staff and LMNT (formerly Servant Team) applications are available. Please help us spread the word to anyone who might be a good fit to serve with us next summer.

Stuff to Listen to

Effective Leadership in Student Ministry
Youth ministry culture sometimes encourages self-promotion. Here is how we as student pastors can discern what God demands of us—and how we can most effectively point students to Him.

How to Pray for Your Kids
Most Christians struggle with being faithful to pray consistently. Here’s how prayer should look when praying for your children (via Colossians 1).

How to Be Faithful to ALL of Scripture (Even the Hard Parts)
If the Bible really is the Word of God, we must maintain an uncompromising, unapologetic commitment to biblical fidelity.

Stuff to Watch

Men, Christ designed our vocation and the responsibilities given to us to be a form of worship. We are to see our jobs as our calling from God and to use our unique platform for the Gospel. Watch this session from Zach Mabry below to learn how to lead and serve like Jesus in each domain of your life. ????

Stuff to Read

5 Things Joshua Teaches Us About Ministry Leadership
Joshua is an excellent example of biblical courage. Here a few things every Christian leader should take to heart.

6 Ways to Live Out the Church Every Day
Living out the church should take place in our homes, schools, and workplaces. Here are some thoughts to help you do the “work of the ministry” this week.

12 Tips for First-Time Youth Pastors
Are you new to student ministry? Jeff Martin, a seasoned student pastor and friend of SWO, answers the question: “What advice do you have for a new student pastor?”

Share groups on basketball court at snowbird

This is relationship discipleship.
This is Gospel-driven.
This is intentional ministry.

And this is why we do what we do. Every night we break students into small groups with our staff to discuss what they’ve heard and learned throughout the day. It is crazy to think that these conversations on this basketball court are going to change eternity for some students this summer. Praise the Lord!

July 4, 2023

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