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Shawn Clark

Oct 25,

Built for Community | Be Strong

Men’s Conference | Shawn Clark | Breakout Christians, we were made for community.  The Lord uses the body of Christ to minister to one another. In this breakout, Shawn Clark …

May 4,

Be Strong: Addiction & Idolatry

Shawn Clark| Be Strong 2021 | Breakout In today’s breakout, Shawn Clark shares his testimony of how the Lord saved Him from addiction. He looks at what Scripture has to …

Oct 20,

Dealing With Anger

Be Strong | Breakout | Shawn Clark We all struggle with anger and we need to recognize how dangerous it actually is. When we live in anger, we’re giving in …

Oct 2,

Be Strong: Addiction and Freedom

Shawn Clark : Be Strong : September 28, 2019

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