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Biblical Studies

Mar 8,

Peter The Apostle

River Valley Church | Saturday Night Resources:

Mar 8,

Peter The Fisherman

River Valley Church | Friday Night

Feb 7,

God’s Rule & God’s Word | College Retreat

Believer, if you buy into what this world has to offer you will not grow in godliness. The world offers only that which cannot satisfy. As a culture, we need …

Jan 31,

Christian Excellence in an Age of Systemic Mediocrity | College Retreat

We are ambassadors of Christ. We must pursue the Lord despite culture and the lies it says about God. In this breakout, Jake Scwarting walks through how believers should strive …

Jan 16,

The Rise of Solomon | Beyond the Flannelgraph

Just because you get important people to approve of what you’re doing doesn’t make it right. We see this in 1 Kings 1:1-2, where Adonijah sets himself up as king …

Dec 12,

Tailgate Theology | Sermon Prep

As pastors and teachers, it’s important that we rightly handle the Word of God. In this episode of NSR, Brody walks through how he prepares to preach a sermon and …

Nov 16,

The Things Concerning Himself: Advent Bible Study

All Things Concerning Himself Here we are again, it’s wintertime and the Christmas season is upon us. For Christians, this is one of the two most important seasons of the …

Nov 15,

The Hope of the Gospel in a Story With No Heroes | Beyond the Flannelgraph

The beauty of the Gospel exists even in the midst of broken situations. Today, Brody walks through Genesis 34, where Dinah, the daughter of Jacob is defiled and her brothers …

Nov 10,

25 Bible Passages You Should Read This Christmas

All Scripture from Genesis to Revelation, points to Christ. Don’t miss that reality during the Christmas season. The Advent (coming) of Jesus is just as important as His crucifixion and …

Nov 8,

25 Bible Passages to Read With Your Family This Christmas

While most of us can sit and focus on God’s Word for long periods, our children can’t. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. This list of abbreviated Bible passages should fit …

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