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A Parent’s Role in Their Child’s Faith (Ft. Moses’s Salvation Story)

In this episode, Brody celebrates the recent salvation of his youngest son, Moses! Their family has been praying for years that Mo would come to understand His need for the Gospel. Parents, don’t think your kids are too young to understand the Gospel. However, we also need to be careful not to nudge our children to make a decision they don’t understand yet. In light of all this Brody discusses a parents role in their child’s faith. 

Samuel is an example of a young believer who increased in wisdom and knowledge despite his youth. Shepherd your children into a knowledge of God by teaching them the commandments of Scripture. Jesus also calls children to follow Him. Let’s raise our sons and daughters in a manner that is Gospel saturated and points them to Jesus. 

  • 1 Samuel
  • 1 Samuel 3
  • Luke 2
  • Deuteronomy  6
  • Isaiah 39:7
  • John 8

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March 15, 2021

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