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Biblical Parenting Resources

Before we get into our biblical manhood resources guide, we want to recommend our 12-day Colossians Bible study: The Preeminence of Christ.

Colossian bible study by snowbird, cover

The Preeminence of Christ: 12-Day Bible Study

The quickest way to start a daily Bible reading habit and learn how to get more out of God’s Word. Colossians is a short and powerful letter all about Jesus and his authority over all things (including parenting). The Preeminence of Christ study will teach you how to read the Bible and apply it more faithfully to your daily life.

Each section highlights a particular passage, provides background context and helps the reader examine what God is saying. It finishes with a few questions to guide personal application.

Let’s get into the resources guide on biblical parenting…

The Goal of Biblical Parenting

What is the goal of biblical parenting? Raising well-behaved kids who contribute positively to society, or are simply well-prepared for life, are great places to start—but they fall short of Scripture’s foundational calling. The goal of Gospel-centered parenting is to lay the groundwork for future generations to put their hope in Christ.

Biblical parenting is a daily mission to show our children the beautiful picture of God and his attributes. Point your kids to the works and glory of our Lord. Help them understand how and why to place their trust in Him alone. Our hope for a godly legacy of generations devoted to the Lord lies in Christ alone, by grace alone.

Parenting is difficult, but it is eternally rewarding. Let’s pray for our kids continually, and trust the Lord to guide us and them. 

Principles of Biblical Parenting

  • The Grace of the Lord in Parenting – We will get some things right and some wrong. We must rely entirely on the grace of the Lord. Here are some reflections from Brody Holloway on what he wishes he had known before his kids started leaving home.
  • How to Parent Your Kids With Grace – What does it mean to be a Gospel-centered parent? Here are four plumblines to help you focus on what really matters.
  • The Fatherhood of God in 3 Stages of Biblical Parenting – We learn from secular psychology that there are three general stages of parenting over the course of a child’s development. Here’s how to follow the model of God’s fatherhood through each of the three: Cop, Coach, and Counselor.
  • Navigating the Teen Years of Parenting – How to parent your teens by example, according to Ephesians 6 (without provoking them).
  • Parenting & Discipleship in the Early Years – Here are some practical tips on discipleship and godly discipline within the home when in the early phases of parenting. By God’s grace, you are shaping an eternal soul and teaching them about the Lord. Don’t let past failures hold you back.

Family Discipleship

  • How to Pray for Your Kids (Consistently) – The simple truth is that most of us struggle to pray consistently. Here’s some encouraging instruction from the Apostle Paul on how to pray for your children.
  • Family Worship & Discipleship – Practical wisdom (and personal stories) to guide your family discipleship and worship time, without overcomplicating things.
  • Parenting Your Children to Be Disciples – We’re called to disciple and shepherd our kids. Here’s what that looks like on a daily basis.
  • A Parent’s Role in Their Child’s Faith – Brody Holloway shares the story of his youngest son’s salvation and gives a few helpful thoughts on how to faithfully guide your kids through conversations about their personal faith.
  • Parenting on Mission – The core of biblical parenting is an unshakeable focus to proclaim the glory of God to those around us. Hank Parker Jr. shares how to raise kids who embrace this mission and impact the culture for the glory of God (as a family).
  • Personal Bible Study & Family Discipleship – The only way to lead well in your marriage, family, and other relationships is to lean into the Lord. Here are some personal stories from John Ridenour of how the Lord has taught him to finish strong as a godly husband, father, and grandad.
  • How to Be a Godly Leader in Your Home (for dads) – How do we find our identity in Christ? What do we do with our shame and regret for sin? Brody walks through a few extra questions asked by men from our most recent Be Strong Conference
  • Every Man is a Theologian – You don’t need a seminary degree to teach your children about Jesus, but you do need to point them toward the source of Truth. Here are some practical tips on how to prepare your children for questions they will face after they leave home:


Practical Wisdom for Family Life

  • Don’t Idolize Your Children – How can we love our children well but not idolize them? In this episode, Brody Holloway walks through what child idolatry is, the dangers of it, and how we can raise our children faithfully. You’ll get practical examples of how they’ve done this with each of his children regarding academics and sports.
  • Why Do I Need the Church, if I Already Have Jesus? – What’s the big deal about joining a local church? Your church family plays a key role in every aspect of your family life. Here’s why it’s so important and how to help your family grow spiritually within your local body.
  • How to Use Family Traditions to Nurture Thankfulness – In this episode, Brody talks about how to place family traditions (and Christian traditions) in the right perspective. Your kids’ salvation doesn’t rest in a religious tradition but in the finished work of Christ.
  • Q&A for Moms of Littles – This podcast features a conversation between Little Holloway, Sarah Conti, Bethany Clark, Amy Davis, and Amy Rasmussen. They offer a wealth of support and helpful advice for moms of toddlers and young children. If you’re undergoing the hectic toddler years when you can’t seem to stop picking up toys, this panel discussion is for you.

Gospel-Driven Resources for Your Teens

We host over 11,000 campers every year at our camp and conference location in North Carolina. The teenagers of today’s generation are facing large hurdles coming from every direction. Jesus and his Word offer the wisdom you need to equip your children to grow in godliness. Here are some resources designed specifically for students, that will be a helpful aid in conversation.

Biblical Parenting Books & Bible Studies

This is a list of recommended books and biblical parenting resources from our Snowbird teachers to help encourage your habit of learning. We encourage you to read critically and evaluate every book through the lens of the Bible.

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