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Biblical Manhood Resources Hub

Before we get into our biblical manhood resources guide, we want to recommend our 12-day Colossians Bible study: The Preeminence of Christ.

Colossian bible study by snowbird, cover

The Preeminence of Christ: 12-Day Bible Study

The quickest way to start a daily Bible reading habit and learn how to get more out of God’s Word. Colossians is a short and powerful letter all about Jesus and his authority over all things (including parenting). The Preeminence of Christ study will teach you how to read the Bible and apply it more faithfully to your daily life.

Each section highlights a particular passage, provides background context and helps the reader examine what God is saying. It finishes with a few questions to guide personal application.

Let’s get into the resources guide on biblical manhood…

What Does the Bible Say About Biblical Manhood?

Here at Snowbird, we believe God has clearly designed and laid out a standard for Masculinity in His Word. We believe that God has designed and called men to lead, work, and protect in any and every part of life we find ourselves in: whether as young men, as husbands, as fathers, as pastors, as employees, and as members of the Church. This standard is what we hold to and what we boldly teach. 

We have podcasts, audio files, articles, and recommended books that delve into what it means to strive and live out Biblical Masculinity. Some of these resources come from our Be Strong Men’s Conference, our Summer Campsessions devoted to biblical sexuality and leadership, and from other trusted sources.

Take a look at some of our best resources to learn more about what it means to be a biblical man. 

General Manhood

Biblical Manhood Resources for Husbands and Fathers

  • The Ephesians 5 Man | If you want to love your wife like the Ephesians 5 Man, there are 3 characteristics of active love that you need to nurture in your life.
  • Parenting on Mission – Biblical parenting means that our families are focused on proclaiming the glory of God and the joy found in Christ. Hank Parker Jr. shares how to raise kids who embrace this mission and impact the culture for the glory of God.
  • God’s Calling for Husbands and Wives | A godly marriage is the clearest picture of the Gospel to the lost world, but we can only love and serve each other through the power of Christ alone.
  • A Parent’s Role in Their Child’s Faith – Brody Holloway shares the story of his youngest son’s salvation and gives a few helpful thoughts on how to faithfully guide your kids through conversations about their personal faith.
  • Biblical Servants, Biblical Men | Strength comes from standing firm in Truth, in the face of chaos and today’s culture. Let’s dive into the Word, pursue personal holiness, and lead in our families and churches well.
  • Family Matters | We need to develop a whole and healthy belief in the Word of God. Let’s pursue the Lord to be godly men, husbands, and fathers. 
  • Personal Bible Study & Family Discipleship | The only way to lead well in your marriage, family, and relationships is by leaning into the Lord. Here are some personal stories from John Ridenour of how the Lord has taught him to finish strong as a godly husband, father, and grandad.
  • How to Be a Godly Leader in Your Home (for dads) | How do we find our identity in Christ? What do we do with our shame and regret for sin? Brody walks through a few extra questions asked by men from our most recent Be Strong Conference
  • Personal Sanctification and Biblical Marriage | The common goal of the husband and the wife should be the other’s sanctification.

Work and Masculinity

Fighting Sin / Personal Holiness

Ministry and the Church

Books & Bible Studies for Men

We’ve prepped this list of recommended books from our Snowbird teachers to help encourage the habit of learning! We also encourage you to read critically and evaluate every book through the lens of the Bible.

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