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Spiritual disciplines and the Bible

Spiritual Disciplines Hub

Resources to Grow Your Faith in 2024

Before we get into our spiritual disciplines guide, we want to recommend our 12-day Colossians Bible study: The Preeminence of Christ.

The preeminence of christ - colossians bible study by zach mabry book cover.

The Preeminence of Christ: 12-Day Bible Study

The quickest way to start a daily Bible reading habit and learn how to get more out of God’s Word. Colossians is a short and powerful letter all about Jesus and his authority over all things (including parenting). The Preeminence of Christ study will teach you how to read the Bible and apply it more faithfully to your daily life.

Each section highlights a particular passage, provides background context and helps the reader examine what God is saying. It finishes with a few questions to guide personal application.

Let’s get into the resources guide on spiritual disciplines…

What Are Spiritual Disciplines?

Spiritual disciplines don’t save you. They are obedient activities of worship that Christians participate in. When guided by the Holy Spirit, they are tools the Lord will use to grow your faith and mold you more into the image of Christ.

Spiritual disciplines don’t sanctify you, but they put you in the best position to sanctify you and see the Lord move.

They are not the goal. But, they are the means to the goal. The point isn’t to spend time in silence and solitude—it’s to know Jesus better and become more like Him. This is what Christ wants our life to be about. We are commanded to obey Jesus by growing in godliness—through growing our knowledge of him! When we sit down to pray or read the Bible, we are obeying the God of the universe. (2 Peter 3:18)

Donald Whitney, author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life, gets it right:

“Spiritual Disciplines are activities, not attitudes. Disciplines are practices, not character qualities, graces. Disciplines are things you do such as read, meditate, pray, fast, worship, serve, learn and so on. The goal of practicing a given Discipline, of course, is not about doing as much as it is about being more like Jesus. But the biblical way to grow in being more like Jesus is through the rightly motivated doing of the biblical spiritual disciplines.”

Donald Whitney

The Spiritual Discipline of Prayer

  • What Prayer in the Life of a Believer Should Look Like – Here’s a discussion of Daniel’s prayer of confession for himself and his people. Daniel shows us a picture of what Biblical confession looks like. He interceded for the sins of his nation, but we have a better intercessor than Daniel. 
  • Prayer & Bible Reading – Spencer points to the simple disciplines of prayer and Bible reading that will help our hearts connect deeply with God.

The Spiritual Discipline of Bible Study

  • Personal Discipleship | Thoughts From Staff Training – Practical ways to get more out of your personal study time in the Word.
  • What Makes the Bible so Valuable for Christians – What makes the Bible so crucial for us in 2024?
  • Bible Reading Plan – If you want to kick off a new Bible reading habit in 2024, this is the perfect way to abide in God’s Word and grow in your knowledge of him.
  • Bible Study Tips – How to identify any hindrances to your own daily Bible reading and tackle them by relying on the transformative ability of the Holy Spirit and forming good habits.
  • Personal Bible Study for Students – Hands-on workshop with Zach Mabry on the basic principles of Bible study. He models how students can put those principles into practice as they walked through a passage of Scripture together.
  • How to Study the Bible – Ask yourself what the text says about God, you, and the commandments that you should apply in your life.
  • Why We Can Trust the Bible – Brody discusses the reliability and authenticity of the Bible by walking through questions like how we got the Bible, why are there different translations, and what are the manuscripts of Scripture?
  • Simple Daily Devotion – Brody Holloway, our camp pastor, shares what his daily time in the Bible looks like and what our attitude should be when we approach the Word.

The Role of Corporate Worship

Worship is more than just singing but it often involves singing. This workshop is designed to equip those interested in learning how to lead others in corporate worship. We discuss what worship is, what songs we should or shouldn’t sing, and our responsibility to lead by worshiping God in a way others can follow.

Follow the link below to get the audio session and teaching slides:

How to Remain Faithful

  • 12 Imperatives For the Christian Life – How to remain faithful to the Lord in today’s culture.
  • Take a Day Off, Get Mauled by a Lion – You can experience the goodness of the Lord, obey the Lord for a time, exercise the wisdom that comes from God, and worship Him. But don’t let pride creep in. Don’t give in to distraction from the world.
  • How to Remain Faithful – If we’re not being driven by the Gospel, then we’re being driven by the world. Fix your eyes on Jesus, stay on mission, and rest in God’s promises.
  • Summer Staff Church Session – Listen in to this Monday church meeting with our staff. Brody encourages and challenges us all to remain faithful to the Gospel, no matter what season you’re in. 

Best Books on Spiritual Disciplines

We’ve prepped this list of recommended books from our Snowbird teachers to help encourage the habit of learning! We also encourage you to read critically and evaluate every book through the lens of the Bible.

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